My name is Jorunn Danielsen Newth. I’ve worked with information architecture and technical and instructional writing for 12+ years, since I fell out of journalism and into software development. I have never looked back.

Self, November 2013 by Jorunn Danielsen Newth

I currently work as an information architect with Eye Networks¬†and EyeSaaS. I’ve previously worked with technical writing at Cisco and Opera Software and elearning at Mintra Trainingportal. On this blog, I represent nobody but myself.

I love working with technology, I’m a serious word nerd, and I have a sizeable soft spot for nerdy t-shirts. Expect to see all of the above reflected in this blog.

I hope to write about these subjects in a way that keeps it interesting to anyone interested in the shaping of information, language, and technology, whether they’re inside or outside the industry, writing, coding, or doing completely different things for a living. Let me know how I do in the comments! And do connect with me in social media if you share any of these interests.

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