No, You Don’t Need An FAQ. FAQs Must Die.

It's not the questions people are looking for

I’ve never been on Jeopardy, although I watched it on occasion when it was still running in Norway. As much as I enjoy trivia games, this was never a favorite of mine. The “answer must be a question” rule leads to lots of contrived questions, and contestants get eliminated for not remembering the “Simon says” […]

Dear [Firstname] at [Company] — Drop the Fake Friend Act

Overly Attached Girlfriend: In ur mailbox, begging for ur attention

Dear [Firstname] at [Company], Today, you sent me a message that pushed me over the edge after a blogging hiatus that has been far longer than I like to think about. Subject line: “Was it something we did?” Body: I have no idea, do you honestly think I opened that? The message was clearly based […]

Kill Your Darling Tech Analogies (Almost Nothing In Life Is Like A Car)

Old car matching a building in Grünerløkka, Oslo.

Over the years, I have come to fear and loathe most uses of metaphor, simile, and analogy in technology discourse. Interesting, helpful analogies are the exception rather than the norm. What makes a bad analogy? The main problems as I see it, are that the images people use tend to be: Unoriginal and predictable. 9 […]